Your license is

your livelihood

Don't jeopardize it

CE Tracker Plus

CE Tracker Plus is a customizable tracker that helps you stay organized and in compliance with your continuing education requirements. You'll be confident that you are ready for license renewals and audits.

Continuing education is required, worrying about it isn't

Group of professionals that have continuing education requirements

One place for your



Tracker for CE totals, special requirements and limitations

Audit ready activity list making it easy for you to gather CE info for any time period

Cloud based storage for certificates and other supporting documentation

Don't want to waste time or money?

Teacher using her CE tracker

Keeping track of your CE requirements and what you've completed to fulfill those requirements will make sure you don't waste time or money.

By adding activities to the tracker as you complete them, and applying them to a special requirement or limitation, you'll always know where you stand.

Staying organized means you won't miss a requirement or complete too many CEUs in a category that has a limitation.

Are you ready for an audit?

Nurse frustrated with her continuing education requirements

You may have to show proof of your CE activities for your license renewal or an audit.

How easy would it be for you to prove you completed your continuing education requirements last year? Three years ago? Five years?

By storing your activity information and the supporting documentation in one location, easily accessible on any device, you'll be ready for either.

No more searching through file cabinets, folders on a computer, or your email to find your certificates of completion.

Always waiting until the last minute?

Professional reviewing his CE tracker

You only have a certain amount of time to complete your continuing education.

Waiting until the last minute could mean limited options to complete requirements or ensure you don't exceed a limitation.

A course you need may not be offered, or you might not be able to find enough live courses in the time frame you have left.

Dashboard and email notifications of upcoming due dates will help you stay ahead instead of getting behind.

Your license is your livelihood

Stack of books

You've worked hard to earn your license, securing a livelihood that both supports you and hopefully fulfills you.

Don't jeopardize it!

CE Tracker Plus will help you stay in compliance!